Elementary school buildings. Layout and design


Januar 2011
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Elementary school buildings. Layout and design

Januar 2011


Fig. v

The solar-collector room in the attic gives sunlight to northward-facing rooms and transfers heat to the extracted air. The heat gives added impetus to the ventilation system and preheats the inlet air via the heat recovery system. Grong School. Architects: Letnes Arkitektkontor AS. Photo: F Østmo


This guide deals with the planning, designing and layout of elementary school facilities. It offers suggestions for function programmes and offers advice regarding considerations that should be taken early in the planning stage, i.e. in the draft project and pre-project phase. This advice applies first and foremost to the location and design/layout of rooms and floorage, access points and lines of communication.

Several illustrated examples of main principles and solutions will be found in Building Research Design Guide 342.207. School outdoor areas are dealt with in Building Research Design Guide 381.501.


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